Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | July 17, 2012

Holy Politics

On the heals of three decades of negative thinking, the City of Victoria, it has finally woken from its slumber of decay to invoke a new concept in housing.

Long considered the most difficult bureaucracy to deal with when it comes to development, they have now open the gates to “income suites” which will not only benefit homeowners but aid in offering affordable housing in these tough economic times. Labeled “small garden suites”, those properties which meet the design guidelines will be permitted to develop their basements and attics or construct a detached rental dwelling unit on their property solely for the purpose of generating case flow.

In the City of Victoria’s words; this is “a region much in need of affordable housing and in an era when slightly increased neighbourhood density makes good economic and environmental sense.”

“If you live in a detached, single-family dwelling with a floor area of at least 1,615 sq. ft. and an actual or potential ceiling height of six feet, seven inches, you can develop that cob-webbed basement into a source of revenue, or you can build a unit that could, depending on your home’s size, be as large as 968 s. ft. You don’t have to provide parking and it doesn’t matter when your home was built. But the work must adhere to building codes and regulations specific to suites.

Applications will be considered on a site-by-site basis, provided the property has the appropriate zoning and is a single family home.


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