Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | December 19, 2011

Will You Survive ?

Let’s face it, putting your best foot forward at the office party isn’t as big a priority after a few cups of egg nog and brandy.  But save the slutty attire and tequila shots for a night out with friends. And while you might be tempted to prolong an innocent mistletoe kiss or tell that annoying colleague just how mediocre he really is, don’t because you’ll regret it in the morning.

The following are a few tips to help you survive the office Christmas party:

Show Up – Sure it’s tempting to claim a conflict or say you’re sick, but that’s really just a slap in the face to your employer. Besides, it shows a lack of respect and caring about your workplace. If these parties truly make you nauseous, show up, have a drink, do your rounds and leave. At least your presence will be duly noted.

Dress for Success – Inappropriate outfits and outlandish costumes are fine at Halloween. Know in advance whether the party is formal, semi-formal or casual. Women need to pay attention to this perhaps even more than men as your professional credibility can be easily shred to bits based on inappropriate clothes or lack thereof.

Talk About the Weather – Just don’t talk about work. And even though work is why you’re at this shindig, this is meant to be a party so leave the job behind. Besides, complaints and negative comments may not be well thought of especially during this festive time of year.

Don’t Overdo It – Vomiting into the poinsettia plant is not a good strategy no matter what time of year. Remember to have a drink so that you appear relaxed and sociable but don’t go overboard. Besides all the obvious repercussions, getting sloshed on the boss’ dime makes you look like a cheap drunk.

No sex please! – Your crush on that hot new employee is hot and heavy. Don’t let it get the best of you. Remember, you’re at a party but it’s really just an extension of your work environment. Save any come ons or pickups to the after-party party.

To the Rescue – You’re stone sober but your colleague is practically out of control. If you see your co-worker behaving aggressively, saying and doing things that are inappropriate, here’s your chance to save the day. Try to distract the person by saying “there’s somebody over here I want you to meet” or “how about we go for a walk outside for a minute?”

Gift Giving – There are a lot of variables involved when buying the right Christmas gift for people, especially people you may not know very well or personally. The first rule is don’t buy personal gifts such as underwear or perfume. Generic or funny is good, but not inappropriate funny such as chocolates shaped like body parts. Keep the gift heartfelt and generic. Books, calendars and music make good gifts as do items you consume such as chocolates, candy and wine.

Thank your host – Your employer/boss/manager went to some trouble to plan the office party even if it meant writing the cheque to cover the cost. Acknowledge that in some way. You could send a note or an email or perhaps just stop by the boss’ table on the way out and express your gratitude.



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