Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | October 30, 2011

Are You a Working Mom

I have seen a lot of married women in the workforce and I’ve witnessed many of the hardships and the difficulties of being a working mom. The price they have to pay for staying out of their homes can be very high.

Financial crisis is one of the leading causes why married women opted to go to work and leave behind their kids. It often leads to lot of domestic problems but on the lighter side it augments a family’s income.

My daughter holds down three jobs in order to make do. Unlike so many others, she doesn’t have a man about the house who provides a steady income or the needed shelter over the heads of his family.

My daughter heads off to work early every morning but not before she prepares herself and herds her two teenage boys through their various ‘get-ready-for-school’ duties and then out into the car so they can be dropped off at the schools doorstep.

Five days a week she works as an Office Coordinator till noon’ish, then as shifts come available she will head off to do administrative work at a Senior’s Care Facility. The boys find their own way home with the help of the school bus and governs their own behaviour until she gets home around supper time.

Generally exhausted from the days work, she continues to prepare the evening meal and encourage her brood to complete their school assignments. Following the evening meal she will apply three to four hours organizing clients and related paper work, for her third vocation as she is also self-employed as a Residential Service Provider. Having said that, you can readily see her evenings and weekends are never her own or for that matter, seldom do they offer time for her boys.

The impact such a lifestyle has on her family can be subtle unless you are on the outside looking in. Her Ex is oblivious to the minefield he left in his wake as he decided to chase a fresh skirt. We all know that one day he will be held accountable, but for now it is her burden to bear.

My daughter juggles her credit cards and line of credit like a seasoned financial investor. She has managed to purchase, gut and reconstruct with minimal help, four homes other than her principal residence, in hopes that one day they will offer her the security that a marriage vow failed to deliver.

But the bottom line to this little story is a price we all pay for being a working mom. While those who are in a similar situation to my daughter, well they have no choice, the rest of us need to stop and realize that it is our children who are the ones who will suffer the most .

At the end of the day, if you don’t put them first, if our children are not guided properly in their youth, they will soon become the community’s liability as well as our own.


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