Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | July 14, 2011

Where Have We Gone Wrong ?

I tend not to get political, but having been an elected official (Sidney Council), I can fully appreciate the complexity of the job and I can think of any number of reasons why I would rather have my left kidney extracted than to do it again. I put in long hours having to review 3 to 4 inches of documents following a normal days work and prior to the regular weekly council meetings, plus I had to attend other meetings each week in support of the various committees and the one in particular I represented.

All this I did graciously for $2600 per year.

Today I read that our Provincial MLA’s receive remuneration with a base salary of $101,859 and substantially more for those who hold portfolios or act as Deputy Chair to a committee. What caught me off guard is the $61 dollar a day perk they received for meals each day they are “working on official business, when the Legislature is sitting or when they are fulfilling cabinet duties,”  with no receipts needing to be filed in order to qualify.

When you weigh that bonus in balance with the lowly taxpayer who having to exist on a minimum wage of $8.75 or $70 per day, something seems terribly askew.



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