Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | July 9, 2011

Adding Value

Cheryl and I learned really early in our Real Estate careers, that in order to provide our clients with value-added service, we had to think out of the box and go the extra mile. For the benefit of illustration, the days that we are referring to as “early”, preceded Photoshop as an everyday add-on to our home computers, and the same can be said for Desk-Top Publishing, yet as Realtors attempting to do all that we could, we stepped out in front of our peers and led the way with full colour brochures and illustrative web sites.

Today these concepts are every-day table talk, such that in Real Estate;  the average Realtor knows that the key to a competitive edge is putting additional weight to the concept of value-adding. Unlike 20 years ago, today the impact of digital media is profound, as is the growing consumer expectation for visual experience.

Real Estate professionals are increasingly required to be proactive in meeting their clients needs, not only in order to competitive, but also in order to add value to their profession as a whole. 

Visualizing spaces can be an intangible thing and sometimes it is more effective to show rather than tell. Consumers demand a rich visual experience when it comes to Floor Plans, whether it be the Seller’s marketing sheet or the Buyer’s need to visualize his or her furniture in a particular homes layout long after they have finished their tour.

Floor plans were prohibitively time-consuming and expensive years ago, but are now more accessible and therefore should be included as a matter of service, especially when trying to communicate value in the current competitive marketplace. Today more and more Realtors are offering it, so if your agent has missed the boat, don’t hesitate to ask them why.

The Internet: You’re In or You’re Out

There is no denying the presence of the internet in Real Estate, both as shopping tool, and as means to access information. There are reports that suggest that upwards of 80% of consumers use the internet to look for homes, at least initially.

Knowing that the bulk of the traffic is out there, waiting for a Realtor to supply them with a visually rich reason to linger on their page, is a very compelling reason to up the ante and pull out all the stops when it comes to providing quality marketing material.

Now that the digital age plays a critical role in the trade of real estate, online ‘e-zine’ property promotions will become increasingly common. This is where Cheryl and I are heading with our future work. Expect to see a growth in high-style multi-content property promotions that integrate Google maps and real-time video showing area schools, community services and neighbourhood amenities, blogs and vlogs (video logs) that promote interior, exterior and area property features, and with sufficient forethought, we may even provide you with contractor/architect/designer-friendly 3D floor plans available to buyers for use both before and after the property purchase.”

Seeing is believing

There was a time when we looked upon our industry as one where we simply sold property, but that is all passie today; we are now having to market an experience. Listing descriptions are great, but language only goes so far to really deliver maximum impact.  The best way, of course, to get a feel for a property, is to go and see it.  If that isn’t possible, or even viable in the early days vetting properties, this comes in a close second.

Pictures do not do justice to depth and sense of space, whereas a floor plan coupled with a video stream, will achieve that. The emergence of digital media tools are a boon in helping define visual space, and helping to deliver on experience, even for those who can’t physically get to a property. Sophisticated advancements in technology will soon provide previously reticent out-of-town buyers sufficient accurate information to initiate an online purchase without ever walking through the home.

Part of being able to etch out our niche in a competitive marketplace, is being able to communicate to you value and to clearly illustrate to you what it means to provide full service. The key to articulation is understanding the definition, both in terms of what it means to our own business, as well as what it means in your eyes as our clients.

As our client, if you come away from the experience feeling that your needs have been met, then you will also feel that you have received value for the commissions paid, and as a Buyer, you have been able to connect emotionally with a property because of enhanced visual engagement.

Whether you are a Buyer or a Seller, it is our desire to see you become “our” happy client.


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