Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | June 7, 2011


We now have a presence on Tweeter. Come check us out and take a moment to share what’s on your mind.

If there are particular issues related to our expertise, feel free to point us in the right direction and we will do all that we can to find the correct answers for you.

Maintaining a Blog, plus a Tweet takes time. We don’t do it for some vain glory but in hopes that we can aid you in areas where you desire information.

Someone told me about 15 years back, that “Communication is the currency of the day”. It seemed like a unique way of expressing the technology wave that was slowing taking over commercialism, but back then I had no idea it would play such a part in each household as it does today.

So allow us to help you. Give us feedback, positive and negative about what we are writing.


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