Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | May 26, 2011

20 Least Stressful Jobs

When you get to my age and start looking back over the last 45 years, you begin to ponder just how much better you might have survived a different choice in careers.

While statistics never seem to wander into the area of stress related fatalities, I am a  strong believer that stress does kill, if not quickly, it definitely robs an individual of a long and healthy life.  In fact, if sufficient attention was given to its study, it may be found to be the leading contributor to a man or women’s early demise.

Norman Vincent Peale wrote a book many years back entitled “The Power of Positive Thinking” and while I have no desire to appear cerebral, I did read his book and it definitely steered my thinking towards the very subject of “Stress” and the need to rid ones life of it.

Now you might ask, “What does all this have to do with you and why would I waste my time (in my mid 60s) telling you what the least stressful jobs might be.” Quite simple; “You may be young enough to benefit from the knowledge or in a position to influence your children or in my case, my grandchildren, towards a more healthy career path.”

So take a moment, sit back, relax and let yourself wander through the list below:

This photo didn’t really have a job description attached to it, but I want to label it “Early retirement”. This could be David Rennie’s photo in a week or so, now that he has won a cool $35 million with a Lotto quick-pick. Now don’t start getting some notion that you might win it next, remember the odds exceed 17 million to 1. But with some good financial planning in your youth, it could still be you. 

It has been suggested that a Marketing Consultant represents a stress-free job.

Or a Software Engineer




Biomedical Engineer

Transportation Engineer (I might care to differ with the researchers opinion on this not being stressful).


philosopher (hmmm, now what shall I think about today?)


 Geographic Information Systems Analyst

Speech Pathologist

 Computer Programmer

Web Developer

Dental Hygienist

Civil Engineer (I was a Civil Engineer for the first 17 years of my career, and it was definitely not stress free. But I have to concede, this fellow looks like he is about to fall asleep.)

 Occupational Therapist (Now let me see, sweaty, hairy backs, unpleasant body odors. I don’t think so.)

 Technical Writer

 Test Software Development Engineer



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