Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | May 17, 2011

Thinking of Immigrating ?

If you like the idea of the relaxed, West Coast life, but you prefer a less urban environment than Vancouver, look at some of British Columbia’s other regions.

The provincial capital, Victoria, located on Vancouver Island across the Strait of Georgia from the city of Vancouver, is considered an up-and-coming community. There are no industrial pollutants to foul the air. It’s large enough to have plenty of restaurants, pubs, and cultural activities, but small enough to be neighborly. The area is rich in history, the climate is mild, and golfing, sailing, fishing, hiking, and cycling are just a few of the activities that residents enjoy.

Within easy reach on Vancouver Island, you’ll find smaller cities, beach towns, and logging communities. And between Vancouver Island and the mainland, the waters are dotted with a thousand islands: the Gulf Island and San Juan Island chain. In these island spots, tourism is a big business, but so is telecommuting. Many artists and entrepreneurs have settled on B.C.‘s islands, adding a vibrant cultural dimension to life here. And when the surf’s up or the sun shines, island residents can get outdoors fast.


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