Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | March 31, 2011

Holy Toxic Waste Eh

This is an artical that I stole from my daugher’s blog. I thought it was relavent to today and may be of interest.

This will be the first of my ‘Bare All’ articles.

No, there will be no tell all about my previous sordid relationships or how my sweet little daughter puked all over the back seat of my sports car as I’m trying to avoid impatient driver during rush hour traffic.

Read on:

There has been so much media attention in recent years about “Going Green”, “Reducing our Carbon Footprint”, and words to the effect that our planet is doomed to self-destruct, due to our misuse of its resources; that many many people today are simply turning out or finding themselves turning a deaf ear to the repetitive dogma.

We at Neat Freaks Cleaning have felt much the same as everyone else, “too many words, so little action and little to no recordable results”. Regardless we have determined to make a difference, no matter how small of an impact it may be. It is our belief that the little effort we take to make a change in how we do our business, added to that of all the other “little efforts” to alter some aspect of their lives, it will eventually add up to one very big change.

As ‘Part I’ of my exposing our “Trade Secrets”  to the world, we would like to introduce  the products we acquire from “ChemEcology”, a Canadian based company whose motto reads, “Where nature meets science”. (Rather catchy don’t you think?)

Nationally recognized as a company who provides cleaning solutions that are safer and healthier choices, they have been hailed as one who developes agents that “harmonize with nature.”

(Ahhhhh. I can already see the little bunnies nibbling at the daisies while the Yellow Breasted Sap Suckers flutter in the trees and Disney plays a sleep worthy sound-track in the background.)

Seriously now; if you want to make a positive change in how you clean your home, car, boy-friends car, or the back seat of my car (any volunteers), give these people serious consideration. Their products can be acquired through M-chem or Maxim here in Delta, British Columbia. If you are further afield they also have outlets in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Now I have to confess, you can pony up to the counter of any local hardware store and pick up a 18 ounce brand name bottle of an industrial strength cleaner for a lot less (I once picked up a 20 litre pale of high-grade toxic cleaner from a janitorial warehouse and the fellow behind the counter smiled as though he was doing the world a favor.)

ChemEcology has “AquaBac”, a non-pathogenic bacterial treatment, which breaks down and liquefies solids such as fats, proteins, carbohydrates and grease (sounds like a positive weight loss product) which makes a great alternative for Drano and a clogged sink drain.

They offer “Burlesque” floor stripper (endorsed by Demi Moore), and is perfect for removing synthetic finishes and natural waxes. Grab a pair of knee pads while you’re at it.

The list of Eco-friendly products goes on and on, but rather than me telling you the benefits of each, check out their website at

Trust me, it is worth the extra cost.


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