Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | March 25, 2011

February Market Activity

The number of property sales throughout Greater Victoria rose in February.

Prices remained mixed while the number of properties available for sale also rose. A total of 488 homes and other properties sold in February through the Victoria Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service, up from the 339 sales in January. There were 621 sales in February of last year.

The increase in February over January was not unexpected, it is common to see the market pick up following the December – January holiday period and last month’s significant increase in sales along with relatively stable prices demonstrates ongoing confidence in the market by both buyers and sellers. February sales were below the sales totals for February of a year ago, the beginning of 2010 was marked by an unusually strong market that softened as the year progressed.

Inventory levels actually rose in February with 3,714 properties available for sale at the end of February – up from 3,283 at the end of January. Inventory levels are currently 13 per cent higher than a year ago.

Despite ongoing concerns about affordability, it’s important to note that a substantial number of homes are selling in the mid-priced range. Nearly half of the single family homes that sold last month went for under $550,000 while 46 per cent of condominiums last month sold for under $275,000.

he average price for single-family homes sold in Greater Victoria last month was $610,975, up from $603,401 in January. The median price however, declined to $564,950. The six-month average rose slightly to $623,389. There were 14 single family home sales of over $1 million in February including one on the Gulf Islands.

The overall average price for condominiums was $323,844 last month, up slightly from $323,002 in January. The average for the last six months also rose slightly to $320,717. The median price for condominiums in February, however declined to $285,444.

The average price of all townhomes sold last month declined to $415,591 from $447,792 in January. The median price also declined to $393,000 while the six month average declined slightly to $432,194.

MLS sales last month included 264 single family homes, 134 condominiums, 52 townhomes and 17 manufactured homes.


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