Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | January 4, 2011

He Ain’t No Daffy Duck

Do you get off on big Mike Holmes or has his TV Reality show run its course in your life.

Well if you think you have seen it all from mighty Mike, guess again. For you cartoon fans, Mike Holmes is about to get animated and not just because he’s mad at a contractor who constructed another badly built home that he has to fix. Rather, he’s going to be transformed into a cartoon character.

And just like Mighty Mouse, that superhero cartoon character of decades past, Mighty Mike will be there to save the day.

“There is no network yet [to air the show]. We’re doing everything without a network,” says Holmes, who was in Edmonton last weekend to appear at a home and design show, and will participate in another show next weekend in Vancouver.

“But there will be some big and exciting things for the kids. Just use your imagination and imagine what I can do using Mighty Mike as a kid [version of myself], like Mighty Mike land.”

The project, still in the conceptual stage, is being developed with unnamed animation partners. It will be a while before Holmes’s latest show hits the TV screens, but the real-life Mike hopes it will be on the air next year.

He doesn’t want to push the project because he wants it done right the first time.

And doing it right is what Holmes is all about. In addition to the cartoon project, the Mike Holmes magazine — it’s being readied for a mid-November U.S. launch through Dauphin Media Group and Time Warner Retail, with similar content to the existing Canadian edition — Holmes is busy with new episodes of Holmes Inspection.

Best described as CSI meets Holmes on Homes, the rugged contractor’s initial HGTV show, Holmes Inspections is proving to be another winner.

“I just didn’t expect the show to do as well as Holmes on Homes but it has exceeded Holmes on Homes,” says Holmes.

But while Holmes Inspection is a success — with Holmes playing more of a background role — there is one small problem: Everybody wants to know what happened to Holmes. His crew, led by the capable Damon Bennett, is front and centre on the show. Viewers were beginning to wonder if Holmes had gone AWL.

“The idea was at first — for the first 26 episodes — is that I’m trying to teach my guys to do it on their own, to do it better, which allowed me more time for other projects. But it appears that the viewer wants me in the show more. So you’re going to see me more … I can’t get away,” says Holmes.

“Damon will still have his role but you will see me more. I’ll be involved more in the investigation, in the demolition, and be there more for the problem solving.”

That doesn’t mean, however, that Holmes’s other projects will take a back seat. Those include Wind Walk, a mixed-use planned community just south of Calgary in the municipal district of Foothills. It will be a compact, walkable community, featuring high-performance green homes designed to reduce consumption and the impact on the environment, and a partnership with the Assembly of First Nations to build homes, skills and better communities for First Nations people.

“Wind Walk is the very first development of its kind in Canada. It will be the first stepping stone to new technology for better building, for better living,” says Holmes.

He is trying to keep costs virtually identical to what homeowners now pay for homes that don’t have all the construction features he wants to add to the 457 units that it will ultimately include.

“The First Nations project is the same thing we’re doing with Holmes Communities (like Wind Walk). It’s a smart thing to do and there are so many young, smart natives who want to get into the industry,” says Holmes.

“We’ll design wonderful communities that make sense for them. At this point, the first one will be in Ontario, and then we can take this right across Canada.”

And if that’s not enough to keep his plate full — not to mention his newspaper column and the Holmes Foundation (a charitable Canadian foundation to support the training of youth in the skilled trades, through apprenticeships, scholarships and bursaries), Holmes is not closing the door on taking the Holmes Inspection show on the road as opposed to focusing its shooting schedule on the Greater Toronto Area.

At one point, Holmes took Holmes on Homes on the road, helping homeowners in different parts of the country.


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