Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | November 22, 2010

Did You Know ?

If you are wanting to purchase a new home or your first home:

* You can still purchase a property with 5% down payment. 

* You can still qualify for a free down payment program still offered by one lender. 

* You can still qualify for a mortgage using fully discounted 5 year fixed rate product. 

* You can add upgrades to their purchases to be included in the mortgage and not need to take out a high rate personal loan. 

* You can use 100% of rental income to help qualify your client when they purchase a property with a rental suite and they will be living in the property as well. 

* You can still acquire financial for mobile homes on leasehold rental parks including First Nation’s land (lease must be approved).  Rates are ‘posted’ interest rate, no discount 

* You can purchase a ‘leaky’ condo under approved remediation or if remediation is under way, call for details.  

If You Are A First Time Home Buyer: 

* You can still qualify to purchase an apartment condo for $300,000.00 with an annual income of just $50,000.00 and 5% ($15000.00) down payment, based on a 5 year fixed mortgage at 3.59% amortized over 35 years. 



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