Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | August 23, 2010

Meeting Places

When complete strangers buy into a condo building, they’re in for a big surprise. It doesn’t take long before they’re going for a swim with one of their neighbours and befriending others at the pub, on the treadmill, or in the shops downstairs.

Then it dawns on them: They’ve bought into a vibrant neighbourhood — and life is good.

For many neighbourhoods, “in the centre of it all” is a descriptor that’s often the product of little more than a lazy real estate marketing scheme. But in the case of the condos, the cliché becomes authentic. There are far too many excuses to blow your wardrobe budget — caught in the retail triangle of The Shops at UpTown, The Bay Center, Mayfair Mall and Hillside — and your diet — somewhere between the fire-roasted pizza at Fifth Street Café and gourmet hot dogs at from a street corner stand.

Since sample sizes don’t quite fit gourmands, you can repent in nature at The Falls or any of the many other new projects, and swear off further temptation by escaping to the Langford Center via Hwy. #1. If this latter area was an online dating candidate, you’d brag to your friends that he has the whole package.

Most of your days will begin and end in your condo suite which is within easy walking distance of most everything you could need. A massage therapist, a bakery or a bicycle repair facility. Some residents chose their home so precisely, they “literally walk across the road to go to work.”  On their way home, they swing by the LCBO for a nice bottle of wine and then go to Market on Yates for groceries to make dinner.

On weekends they may meet up with their new friends and fellow residents, for tennis or to allow their pet to run amongst the other dogs along the Dallas Road Parkway. In the evening, your meeting place of choice may be one of the coffee huts in the Cook Street Village, or the Shops at Tuscany Village on McKenzie Ave. There is always the casual, yet crowded spots in City Center with a big-screen TV and expansive patio, where you can savor a tuna tataki salad and the signature cocktails.

Regardless of where you go, when you go there with fellow residents “There will always be such a strong sense of community.”

Will all this Inner City growth may appear fast and frenzied, each new complex will come to represent a neighbourhood within which is a very quaint sense of community.


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