Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | July 19, 2010

Dial a Biffy Anyone?

Computers are everywhere — even in the bathroom.

Take a look at some of the latest high-tech products for your bathroom from manufacturers around the world. Who knows, this might be what most luxury bathroom will include in the near future.

1. Smarthydro by iHouse

Smarthydro is a bathtub created to take care of all your bath needs. This sleek and intelligent bathtub prepares your ideal bath while you’re away so that you can jump right in as soon as you get home from a hard day at work.

You can communicate with this bathtub on the Internet or with your cellphone to make sure your bath is at the perfect temperature.

The bathtub also talks to give you feedback during the preparation of your bath and can even call your cellphone to tell you when it’s ready.

For more information and to see a simulation, visit

2. Rainbrain Smart Shower by Hansgrohe

If you’re more a shower person, you might like the Rainbrain. This shower includes a touchpad screen that lets you control the settings for the perfect shower. There’s even a choice of preset types.

For example, the “Scottish shower” will automatically change the temperature of the water from warm to cool for a stimulating effect.

RainBrain also “sings” to you through your MP3.

For a simulation video, visit

For product details, visit

3. Ondus Digitecture Faucet by Grohe

Named the “best of the best” in the red-dot annual product design award, this futuristic faucet includes a digital display with a user-friendly menu navigation, a temperature sensor and a clock. You can control the temperature and the flow of water with a single touch or you can use a wireless remote to program the faucet to your preferences. There are also three programmable preset functions for face rinse, hand wash and teeth brushing.

For more information, visit

4. Innova Mirror by Roca

Why use a regular mirror when you can use an interactive one? Innova is a mirror with an interactive touch screen that incorporates an FM radio so you can listen while getting ready. You can connect your iPod or iPhone if you prefer listening to your own tunes. This mirror also tells you the time and temperature and includes an anti-mist system.

For more information, visit

5. C3 Toilet Seat by Kohler

Your toilet can now be digital with the C3 toilet seat, which features an array of luxury functions that will completely change your perception of the toilet. The seat features two cleansing wands that provide fresh water as an alternative to tissue paper. You can control the temperature, flow, pressure and position of the water to your liking.

There’s also a warm air fan to keep you nice and dry and the seat can be heated. The night-light will help you find your toilet in the dark and the built-in charcoal filter will keep your toilet smelling fresh. Did I mention there’s also a remote control?


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