Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | July 11, 2010


Do you know what POGE means?

It is the principle of “good enough”. Who would think that there would be an acronym for “good enough”? It points to a mediocre product, result, accomplishment, service or technology that is sufficient if it meets the goal and is merely “good enough”.

When assessing consumerism, mass consciousness seems to say that as long as the price is right, then quality will be measured by “good enough” standards. As a result, real quality and excellence is replaced with a mediocre status. The transition from “top quality” to “good enough” sometimes goes unnoticed. The consciousness of the result is generally not raised until something adverse happens.

The success of “good enough” technology is “when entire markets have been transformed by products that trade power or fidelity for low price, flexibility and convenience”. We use to call it compromise, now it’s POGE. The simple, cheap, fast tools we utilize to take photographs and videos for UTube cost nothing but are “good enough” because they are simple, cheap and fast. The tinny sounding quality of long distance calls from Skype is “good enough” because they are free. We read news on blogs, twitter and Facebook verses the newspaper; we watch videos on small computer screens rather than television and “the many” are now straining their eyesight to work on tiny netbooks which are “good enough” because they are light to carry, cheap and powerful enough to meet our needs.

The mass consciousness thought is that quality does not really increase functionality, so there is a point when if the price is right, the functionality is compromised and “good enough” becomes the norm of our lives.

The question that arises out of all this is when does “good enough” stop being good enough?

Travellers want cheap air travel, which eventually drove away pillows, blankets, decent meals and snacks, until today, if you want your suitcase to come with you – you have to pay for that privilege. As a result, weary travellers are outraged — but what did they expect? Now there is a market niche opening for quality air travel which removes the hassle, take off and arrivals are on time, and direct routes are an option, all at a premium, but the public appears to be lining up to pay for it.

The recalls at Toyota and General Motors are evidence enough that quality has been sacrificed for profits. So it is with the Real Estate professionals. Discount firms have flooded the market where for a low set fee, all the seller or buyer gets is a minimum or “good enough” standard of service.

When hiccups arise in a transaction or opps, something got missed that is crucial; well the complaint often falls on deaf ears because the seller or buyer choose the standard of service they desired at the expense of a level of guarantee, that someone would be there to sort out the unforseen.

Most importantly, POGE is not the standard I want for my clients as a level of service, nor as a bottom line.

Price should be measured against knowledge, experience, quality, skill sets and results. Regretfully the cycle of “good enough” in real estate transactions has not quite run its course. When they arise all I can do to assist the disgruntled patron, is listen.


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