Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | June 22, 2010

Green is More than a Colour

Green Design

Green architecture or green design actually refers to a type of design, but rather give rise to processes of design and construction using environmentally friendly at the same time can preserve natural resources through efficient use of electricity or water a building is used.

The main goal of green building is a building to reduce negative impacts on the environment and health of the occupants. This is characteristic of a green building include a more open space for plants to make comparisons between buildings and open spaces more harmonious, and what exactly the features that has the environment?

Three green concepts

The characteristics of this green concept in the first place: the house has many openings as large and tall windows. With a large number of openings, the house would take more air and natural light while reducing the use of electricity during the day.

Secondly, the tallest buildings, the roof is made of more than three meters. Such design not only makes your home energy efficient, but also gives the impression of luxury and wealth, which is usually applied in the common room like the living room and dining room.

The third feature, usually a concept so often uses a large amount of landscape as a garden in the front and back of house areas.

And if three green concepts were too difficult to do, you can start to use natural light and minimize dependence on technology. Because in fact we are already accustomed to the “tolerance”, such as the use of air conditioning, use of electricity during the day, and other behaviors so difficult to change. So, from now on we have to eliminate the “tolerance” and return to real life. The most practical way is to reduce the use of air conditioning, reducing the use of light during the day, and change your lifestyle.


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