Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | June 14, 2010

Picture This

Note: If you are tucking into a meal right now, I would strongly recommend you read this later. If not, picture this:

A sweaty, scruffy guy, somewhat overly rounded in the waist, hair is disheveled, unshaven, at least for a couple of days and he’s settled into a well-worn sofa, which looks like it has seen far too many children use it as a springboard in their younger years.

 Continue with the image; this fellow is clipping his toenails, which by the way are flying onto a stained shag rug. You know the type. They had one thread every 1/2 inch and was the spec contractors dream back material in the 70’s along with the avocado stove and fridge.

This yucky image is boldly displayed in a builder’s advertisement that is streaming across your 48 inch Plasma TV between the first and second period of the Stanley Cup. (Does this sound familiar?)

I don’t know about you right now, but this ad has been highly successful in steering a woman’s preferences towards new home construction. Shock marketing notwithstanding, this ad has worked, but those that responded favourably to the ad, gave no consideration towards what went into their new home.

Besides all the latest technological advances since the 1970’s, the building codes and energy-efficiency standards have changed dramatically. There is also an impressive array of upgrades that one can consider today in finishing details. Indoor air quality is important to today’s families. New homes provide the best possible indoor living environment, comfortable moisture levels, and no mould, damp basements or lingering odours.

What most people are aware of, is BC’s new home warranties that come with every new home today (unless it is owner built). It is the strongest warranty in North America and builders in BC must be licensed with the Homeowner Protection Branch of BC Housing.

As a side line, did you ever wonder how many board feet of lumber goes into a new home, or how many linear feet of heating ducts, or square feet of exterior siding? Or do you even care?

For those that do care; for a 2100 sq. ft., gas-heated, single family detached home, it will consume:

* 13,127 board feet of lumber

* 6,212 sq. feet of sheathing

* 13.97 tons of concrete

* 2,325 sq. ft. of exterior siding material

* 2,427 sq. ft. of roofing material

* 3,061 sq. ft. of insulation

* 5,500 linear feet of electrical wire and communications cable

I think you get the point.

There is simply put, a lot of natural resources that go into a new home. Let me end off with this bit of trivia; there are 109 on-site workers involved in that same home before the keys are handed over to you and Stat’s Canada states that across the country, new home construction employs 300,000 men and women.

Well now, that sort of puts our economy in perspective, doesn’t it?


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