Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | May 17, 2010

Tigger & Pooh Have Settled in Victoria

While its been a good many decades since belching smokestacks have dotted the landscape of Greater Victoria, industry does have a strong heart beat just below the surface of many Victoria districts.

Fact is, the High Tech industries have found the climate perfect for their inoffensive, nonpolluting, low noise day-to-day operations.

Tigger and Pooh have been two of the recent immigrants from Silicon Valley who have expanded the already bustling animated community and both have taken up residence in the heart of Victoria’s historic Bastion Square.

Along with this famous two-some, you will find the spirit of Mickey, Minnie, Buzz Lightyear, Nemo and a significant number of others, (albeit in virtual 3-D format).

InLight Entertainment is a little-known Victoria company tucked above the restaurant Rebar in this trendy downtown core. A team of 30 creative minds bring these and other original characters to life for companies the likes of Disney, Nintendo and Leapster.

Darren McGrath, vice president of creative development, oversees the evolution of children’s interactive video games, 3-D animation, flash art, down-loadable games and other products.

His team conceptualizes, animates, manipulates and designs almost every aspect of many Disney cartoons, educational games and online programs. They make characters like Pooh walk and waddle in 3-D on your child’s favourite educational game console.

“A publisher will come to us and say ‘we want something for kids about this age using Buss Lightyear and something that has a focus on math,” McGrath said. “Sometimes it’s as vague as that.”

Soon, a skeleton of a concept outlined in a four-page document turns into the size of two phone books.

All the high-technology, destined for clients south of the border, comes to life in the heart of historic Victoria. And despite the economic recession that started in the U.S., InLight has never missed a beat.

Fact is, they are even looking to hire fresh, young talent. Are you interested?

If so, please give us a call as we can assist you with accommodation, rental or purchase.


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