Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | May 5, 2010

Luxury Concierge

For those of you who make purchases beyond the norm and wish to be assured of its posted value, you now have the ability to appeal to the “Luxury Institute” for validation.

The Luxury Institute is the voice of “The High Net-Worth Consumer”.

They are uniquely impartial, independent and will provide objective ratings and research and CRM consulting that make them the global voice of the high net-worth consumer.

Their knowledge-based products deliver actionable insights and leading-edge best practices to luxury goods and services firms that continuously seek to create extraordinary customer experiences for their customers.

Allow them to speak for themselves:

“Our proprietary research is based solely on responses from wealthy consumers as to their needs, wants, ratings, reviews and expectations.

Our innovative surveys, conducted with independent panels, and tabulated by independent analysts, bring the voice of the high net-worth consumer to life, enabling us to bring the highest level of conflict-free primary research, insights, and knowledge to our constituents.

As the “voice of the high net-worth consumer”, the Luxury Institute provides a variety of research-based products and services to both sides of the industry – the luxury goods and services firms who sell to consumers as well as to the agencies and organizations that serve those luxury brands.

 The Luxury Institute’s products and services offering consists of three key pillars: Luxury Brand and Industry Data, Luxury CRM Consulting Services, and Luxury Education & Networking Groups”

If you feel their expertise may prove to be of value or you simply wish to know more about their offering, follow their web address to:


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