Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | April 14, 2010

Vacation Homes

The summer is approaching and you are probably already wondering where you’ll take your annual family vacation. If you’re one of the many who vacation in the same place every year and rent every time you go, you may want to consider the current housing market and buy a vacation home.

Your vacation home could take the form of a beach-front cottage, a single-family detached home that is rented for the most part, but has a suite set aside in the basement just for your personal use, or a townhome or condo that falls into a rental pool while you are not using it.

Benefits to Buying a Home for Vacation

Home prices are low virtually everywhere now and soon they will rise. Not only that, mortgage rates are also low and they also will rise soon. So if you want to make a move on buying a vacation home – the time is ticking.

You can get a great deal with these financial benefits now and make even more if you decide to turn around and sell it someday when the housing market is on the seller’s end. Buy low and sell high…and it’s time to buy low!

Only for the Stable Home Owners

Of course, buying a vacation shouldn’t be on your first priority list if you’ve recently gone back to work after being laid off or if you’ve been hard hit by the recent recession.

Buying a vacation home is still for the home owners who were able to skid by the economic despair others had to deal with. It’s for people who are looking for an investment or have extra money to spend on a luxury.

You may ask, what does Victoria offer over say, Arizona. The answer is quite simple; if you like to vacation in the winter as most northerners do, then Arizona is a good choice, but if your age and health dictates staying on Canadian soil as a wise decision, then the choice is obvious when one considers a prairie winter versus one on the West Coast.

If on the other hand, summer vacations are still your preference, does the arid 120 degree plus temperatures of Arizona appeal to you or the temperate average 80 degree weather of Victoria?

The choice is clearly yours. I’ve been to Arizona in the spring and summer and while parts of it are truly beautiful, for me nothing beats the ocean air, the beautiful blue skies and the temperate climate of the Pacific Northwest. Couple that with being the boating capital of the west coast, with a half-dozen world-class golf courses within 20 min of the city, renowned ski resorts only a matter of a few hours away, Victoria is truly hard to beat.


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