Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | April 14, 2010

Summer-Savvy Lawns

Keep your lawn strong and healthy without wasting water.

Lawns need only 25 millimeters (one inch) of water per week, including rain. Even better, longer, infrequent watering will help develop deeper, healthier roots.

Keep your grass cut to two to 2.5 inches high to help the soil retain moisture and reduce evaporation from sun and wind.

Aerating helps grass-roots to absorb all the natural moisture available, lets air flow into the soil and provides the grass-roots with oxygen. You can aerate simply by puncturing the lawn with a garden fork if you don’t want the expense of renting a powered aerator.

While a thin layer of thatch (the layer of organic matter that forms between the blades of grass and the soil) can be beneficial by preventing evaporation of water from the topsoil, too much thatch can be harmful and rob the roots of the oxygen and water needed for healthy growth. Remove thatch from your lawn at least once a year, using a rake or power equipment designed for the job.

A well-balanced, properly watered soil should not need fertilizer. Too much fertilizer can cause grass to outgrow its soil limitations and watering regime.

Mowing Tips

* Keep mower blades sharp to avoid tearing the grass

* Don’t cut wet grass

* Leave grass clippings to decompose, acting as mini-mulch to reduce evaporation.


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