Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | April 13, 2010

Your’s Really Could be Bigger

When it comes to enormous homes, Greater Victoria can hold its own.

One of the largest homes currently available in Victoria is:

249 King George Terr. Rather a prestigious name for a street here in one of the remaining British Empires. You can believe me when I tell you, “The street is prestigious for sure, in every way imaginable.”

Built in 2002 and offering you 12,139 sq. ft. of finished floor space, this ocean-front masterpiece delivers 5 very deluxe bedrooms and twice that number of bathrooms. There is absolutely no reason to cross your legs any longer than it takes to hobble a few luxurious feet.

If you don’t want to mess this one up, I’m certain you will find one of the others more to your liking.

Known as “Muir Haven”, this one-of-a-kind residence is perched high above the ocean’s edge in the area known as South Oak Bay. Whether you have a leaning towards a tweed over-coat or cruising down the back roads in a tidily little British sports car, I am certain you will fit right in.

One thing is for certain, it is unlikely your friends will be able to out-class your personal wine cellar.

While you dwell on how to use the 1933 sq. ft. that remains undeveloped, you can curl up in front of any one of five fireplaces, gaze out the floor to ceiling picture windows are the stunning Olympic Mountains off on the horizon, or just relax with a good book  about the local history, “John Muir: West Coast Pioneer”.

As for an area where the men may be men, give thought to the pool, the games room, the private gym or the media center.


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