Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | April 4, 2010

Budget Decor Tips

Adding a splash of style and a dash of oomph can be easy and inexpensive.

Don’t know where to start?

We checked in with design expert and Style at Home magazine’s contributing style editor Karl Lohnes for the inside scoop on decorating on a budget.

 What are some of this year’s décor trends?

We are starting to see colours ‘cool down.’ Greys, blues and purples are all becoming very popular. Also, traditional furniture is making a comeback. That means no more square-edged ‘hotel-chic’ furniture to bang into!

What are some of the best budget items to update a space with? 

 Try beautiful peel and stick tiles. Use them on feature walls in foyers, bathrooms and as backsplashes. Large Milano vinyl tiles from Home Depot are less than $3 each.

What’s the secret to getting great style without breaking the bank?

To get great style without breaking the bank, spend the most you can afford on long-term purchases like sofas, area rugs and beds. Choose a neutral colour you like (cream, olive green, taupe and grey are all neutral) that will give a quality piece of furniture an even longer life.

I am a big believer in having inherited antique furniture refinished to help bring it up to date. Taking a reddish-mahogany dresser and re-staining it dark walnut brown and adding a marble top will update an important piece of furniture for another 50 years.

Where do you like to shop to score bargains?

Shop online to snag bargains. Shop after a season is finished for holiday items and clothing. With home decor, go to your favorite websites and only shop in the clearance section. The deals can be incredible!


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