Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | March 29, 2010

Relevance of Realtors

Those outside this industry, see those who work as Real Estate Sales and Marketing Agents, as a group of people in need of a total ethical and if not that, then a serious moral adjustment to the way they conduct their business.

Unfortunately like so many other professions, the cream of the crop doesn’t always rise to the top of the media food chain for all to see, but rather the contrary. Those who hold their heads high are often overshadowed by those who bring reproach upon the majority who work honestly and faithfully towards the best interest of their clients.

For those who are stuck in the rut of believing the latter group of people do not exist, please read on.

The year 2009 started with sales at 25 year lows and yet those responsible for the certification of agents within the industry kept bringing on new and recently trained recruits eager to slice up the already dwindling pie.

It is easy today to focus on the auto industry which has been well feed for so many generations and feel compassion as they now face massive historic layoffs.

Consider for one moment the ramifications of those of us, all of who are self-employed, who do not benefit from the safety net of Unemployment Insurance, who don’t have heath and dental benefits, paid holidays, evenings and weekends to frolic with family and loved ones without being disturbed, or a tidy pension plan at the end of their career tunnels.

Those of us working as Real Estate professionals will literally starve if we cannot accrue a continuance of new and loyal clients, even as we fall victim to the global economic downturn that deeply alters the activity within the housing market.

Unlike other professions, Realtors don’t stop having to pay their extensive annual dues to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the BC Real Estate Association, and their local Real Estate Boards. They don’t stop having to pay their respective agencies for the privilege of hanging their license in the front lobby of the agency, not that this is a choice, for you simply cannot practice real estate unless it is placed in the hands of an agency.

We don’t stop having to pay for Errors and Omissions Insurance, as the fear that one day some law will be interpreted differently and either through unintended actions or unforseen circumstances, our personal livelihoods are threatened in a court of law. This precaution in itself takes a healthy bite out of our annual income.

While our incomes diminish and the market horizon looks even more dim, our Seller’s are still entitled to have their individual homes advertised with the local media and this fee comes directly out of the Realtor’s back pocket and believe me when I tell you, it can mount up at space shuttle speed.

All the while, the Real Estate Associations continue to demand that Realtors complete the annual mandatory list of courses just to stay ahead of the changing times and maintain the professional decorum needed to serve you better.

Having done all that even during these hard times, we as Realtors continued to take an aggressive approach to voice our disapproval towards the pending Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) by sending over 7,000 letters to our provincial MLS’s.

This past Christmas we as a local body of professionals financially supported numerous charities, we have done every other year for decades past, just wishing and hoping to aid those who have little, with a degree of happiness during what is supposed to be the festive season.

As an organized body we contributed greatly to the need for housing of those who lack a place to lay their heads at night and the list of anonymous involvements and contributions goes on.

Why am I using this precious space to rant this way; just because so very few of you know just who we are as a professional body and it is so important to wipe away some of the grime that clings to our shirt tails from time to time.

We are in a very large part, men and women who strive for perfection, who consider the financial remuneration we receive to be secondary to the quality of service we provide.

We are a consortium of faces who take what we do very seriously, even in hard times and put ourselves out there in the critical world, vulnerable to heresy and the errors of others.

As professionals, Cheryl and Daryl Ashby want to respect those questions you ask by giving you honest answers, solid leadership and skilled expertise towards bringing you to a place in your search for solutions to your real estate needs.

Feel free to call us or drop us a line and let us see if we can assist you.

Thank you


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