Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | March 17, 2010

Finding Humour in Real Estate

Most Real Estate Agents don’t want their posted listings to end up on Sara Lorimer’s blog.

That is unless you want people to laugh at them. Lorimer is the creator and overseer of, a 2 yr. old daily compendium of strange or aggressively ugly homes for sale, culled from the MLS by real estate agents around the world. Each photo usually is accompanied by a deadpan remark, usually from Lorimer, who says she has been ‘smarting’ off all her life.

Her 7th grade teacher said her mouth would get her into trouble one day, but instead it got her into a burgeoning online empire that was acquired last year by Cheezburger Network, the parent company of 34 humour-oriented sites, the most well-known being

Cheezburger Network is so successful, it has 230 million of its pages viewed each month with 10,000 photos or videos submitted to its sites each day.

The assortment of photos for Sara’s site are straight from the listing agent’s camera. There are bedrooms with underwear strewn for the viewer, houses roped off with crime-scene tape, cats drinking from bathroom fixtures that would normally be considered unsafe, boxes of rat poison prominently displayed and the list goes on.

How does this report affect you as a potential seller?

Don’t allow your home to be unstaged. Make sure the toilet is flushed and the lid is down. No one wants to know how you last used the fixture so show some respect for their eyes to behold. The white plastic chairs that work well on a patio have no place inside the home, unless that is you don’t care whether it sells or not. Carpeting a wall or even a ceiling (which has been the case) is not trendy and when your agent is taking the photos that will profile your home, move out of the way of the lens. Your appearance may be the biggest detriment to its saleability.

Funny Real Estate - It's Foreign

Possibly, no photo would have been better.


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