Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | March 8, 2010

Something New, Something Unique

I thought this was worthy of sharing. It is a fine example of “thinking out of the box”, so to speak. I once heard that the only thing limiting intellectual and material growth is one’s imagination.

“Yellow” in Auckland New Zealand, is the equivalent of Yellow Pages here in Victoria and they profess they can help you get any job done. So Tracy Collins of Auckland put them to the test to demonstrate their mission statement. She looked at Yellow,  on mobile, in the book form and online, just to confirm they could help her complete any task.

Tracy knew she could build just about anything to prove her point, a bird house or a basic shed, but she was on a mission and that was to build a restaurant 10 metres up in a Redwood tree.




Take a moment and watch the growth of this idea on YouTube:


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