Posted by: Daryl & Wendy Ashby | February 13, 2010

Is the Sky Really Falling?

For those in the Real Estate profession, we look with interest towards men and women who stand tall on the Global Warming platform. Per chance there be some correctness to their theories, what we are currently selling as waterfront, will in a few short centuries become foreshore and those properties well back from the high water mark will graduate to the esteem category of Water Front Properties. The related graph projecting new property taxes will resemble as auditorium full of red blooded American boys monitoring the results after consuming a hybrid version of Viagra.

That being said, I found an article by Jamie MacMaster, the director of Ontario’s Landowners’ Association of interest.

“We might sympathize with poor Al Gore and David Suzuki at least to the same extent that we would pity all failed dictators and despots. With canonization but one small Fahrenheit degree away, along came something as ordinary as the weather and snatched sainthood from their sweating digits.

The media, the governments, the students and the socialists had all swallowed the anthropogenic global-warming stuff. Everyone was in accord with the Kyoto Accord; a real-life parlour game that penalized countries advanced enough to have a social conscience and rewarded those greedy enough to exploit it.

But then, just when things were humming along nicely and the billions of empathic dollars were flowing in, along came some scientists, skeptics and sunspots — or more precisely, the lack of sunspots — to upset their apocalypse cart.

The first cracks to appear in the foundations of the House of Hoax were subtle — hairline really. But the replacement of the unidirectional term ‘global warming’ by the all encompassing ‘climate change’ was an admission that there were certain, ahem, ‘inconsistencies’ in the earth-is-gonna-fry theory.

A lot of real scientists from around the world (including Canadian professors Tim Ball, Fred Michel and Ian Clark) who had studied the history of earth’s weather over hundreds of millions of years, knew that climate graphs don’t look like little hockey sticks, and they said so . . . publicly.

Data began pouring in from numerous independent sources, many of them government agencies. Not only had any warming trend stopped, but the reverse was happening – – the earth’s surface temperature was actually cooling . . . and had been doing so for eight to ten years!

In the lefties portfolio, they claim this declining support for the global-warming stuff is in direct proportion to the weakening of the economy. The public is likely to support all sorts of things . . . as long as no cost is incurrred to the individual’s wallet and no threat posed to his or her lifestyle. The wind energy is a great thing, until electricity costs triple.”


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